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The average income for a USA house hold during the 2nd quarter of 2020 (according to the US B.L.S) was $53,106, excluding seasonal and other adjustment. Within two years some of you reading this will be earning $53,106 a year from Your CityNoob Business. Some of you will be making more... some of you will be making nothing. The concept is easy the harder you work the faster and the more you earn. Could you do with an extra $53,106 would that being paid to you speeden up your retirement plans? Think about it this way is your current employer going to give you a $53,106 pay rise over the next two years? no.

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Our Mission For You?

Your CityNoob Business is different let me tell you why. Our aim ts to make you succeed. We want to help you swap your current income with a work from home career.

1) You dont need to build a team if you dont want to. You can fulfill the requirements to retire in 2 years without bothering family and friends

2) You make the sale we send the auto renew emails. If you forget to follow up the next year thats ok we have your back. We know who is due to resubscribe and to who the credit goes. 

3)  We are honest in our disclosure of the amount of compensation received or likely to be received by typical participants in the plan.... OH! lets talk about bonuses.

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Your CityNoob Business is currently free to get started. Its free because we want to offer you the best and easiest way to get started. Register Now, go make some money today! As you read I said currently and I said that because as the company grows we will want to pay you more money 1 way to afford that is to introduce sign up fees. We will never offer a sign up bonus. Your CityNoob Business income will not be solely dependent on the size of your team. You will be able to retire without building a team! The last thing we want is you feeling the need to bother friends and family or even worse build a business then lose it because your team jump ship.