CityNoob is a website and an app. Each offering the general public access to every piece of information they will need to make informed desicions regarding their everyday life. For example with CityNoob access via online or app anybody should be able to fully research any city in the world before visiting. They should be able to find somewhere to stay, furnish their new pad, find something to do, somewhere to eat and socialise, buy tickets, reserve tables, access coupons, find directions and A LOT more!

Our business users, the companies your looking for as a gener user or member of the public benefit by having all their business info in one place. Social media, google map, click to call function, public review and star rating even custom html if they wish and again A LOT more!

CityNoob is everything you will ever need to access so that you can make informed desiciaons about your next move, vacation or to simply plan ahead for the next business trip. Thats why we say CITYNOOB, THE KEY TO YOUR CITY.

Free to join & opperate!
Why Start With
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Your CityNoob Business is free to start. At this point we dont ask you to pay sign up or registration fee. We hope this desicion makes it easy for everybody to get started making money right away. With no registration fee, no recurring membership fees, licence fees, no stock order requirements or any other financial commitements you are free to spend as much or as little of your own money as you like to build your business.

Similing Team
  • We will train you for FREE before you even join! Learn how to work Your CityNoob Business before signing up.

  • Your CityNoob Business is free to join, there are no financial commitements.

  • You are paid a recurring commission on all your sales. As long as your customer re commits.

  • We follow up with your customers when they are due to re commit so if you forget we have you covered and you get paid!

  • You can achieve retirement status without building a team, no hasseling family or friends.

  • Although you can build a team and earn more money faster your biggest income earner will be in most cases through your own sales.

  • We are here with the purpose of helping you smash through the typical MLM barriers.

We have a whole host of video training offering you a number of ways to reach the retirement levels of this company. We call $53, 106 the minimum retirement level. This sum is the average income for the median USA home. Thus its fair to say should you achieve this level of income through Your CityNoob Business you should be able to retire, swapping this for or adding it to your current career income.

Legitimate Income Claims
Regular easy to follow training
​A product to be proud of!
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Fed up trying to sell potions, powders and magnets? How about oils or expensive package holidays that dont include flights!? The whole world know the typical MLM product is marked up so the company can pay commissions so the customer is always over paying. The whole world also knows the best nutrition is in real food and the cheapest most exciting holidays are bucket flights. What the whole world doesnt know is whats on next weekend? how do we get there and where can we buy tickets? whats the best restraunt in this town?

  • Promote a product that means something

  • promote a product that helps people

  • pitch a product to businesses thats inexpensive to them and invaluable to the public.


​At CityNoob we are not interested in suckering you in with outlandish income claims. Everything is open, honest and laid out infront of you in a simple and straight forward manner. Its like this.....

Your Sales $50 USD

1 Lvl Sales $10 USD

2 Lvl Sales $25 USD

3 Lvl Sales $10 USD

4 Lvl Sales $25 USD

We could make fancy diagrams, display charts with arrows and shapes and colors with little characatures of happy familys, fast cars and dollor bills even gold bars. But there is no point. There is no trick to this, it doesnt have to be complicated.


Office Manager

Regular training is a must, not only that but it has to be readily accessible. We have built a back end office on our website that will give you access to..

  • Live and recorded video training

  • Group sessions where you can hear from other leaders

  • Merchandise you can use to sell your listings

  • Forums for quick QnAs

And lots more.